Who we are . . .

Williemae Stanberry

Greetings and welcome to our site. A Will & Way, Inc. was founded in 2002 for the purpose of empowering women and their children. Specifically, we focus on the survivors of Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence is a very serious problem in our society. One that tends to cause severe damage to the victim physically, mentally and emotionally. Additionally, it affects others and the children involved in the situation. Our goal has been and continues to be that of helping to restore and/or empower women to a state of independence.  As a result will create a more safe and stable home for her children.

What we do . . .

We invite you to check out some of our activities, and to join us in bringing awareness to the issue of domestic violence.  A Will & Way focuses on the adverse causes and repercussions of domestic violence, such as poverty (hungry, hopeless & homeless), substance abuse, alcoholism, abandonment, incarceration, mental illness, and low self-esteem.

How you can help . . .

We also welcome your contributions of money, time and talents. Domestic Violence is not limited to a specific location but is worldwide. A Will & Way, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) organization, we’re registered in the State of Florida and have served women from all over the country.

Williemae Stanberry,

Board of Directors


PRESIDENT Williemae Dixon-Stanberry Business Consultant/Life Coach
PRESIDENT-ELECT Carolyn Nero Banking
SECRETARY Annie M Patterson Youth (Girls) Director
TREASURER Georgina Sanchez Educator (retired)
MEMBER Robert Allen Attorney
MEMBER Donna Bennett Physician (OB/GYN)
MEMBER Carolyn C. Jones Educator (retired)




 A Will & Way, Inc.’s staff consist of a group of dedicated people who commit their time on a voluntary basis to meet the needs of its clients. They are:


Williemae Stanberry Executive Director
LaTanya Graphenreed Outreach Coordinator
Annie M. Patterson Youth Development
Joyce Bennett Spiritual Counselor
Georgina Sanchez Special Events/Hospitality