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The Annual Teen Leadership Development Program – May 25, 2017.

Dorrie Miller Community Center
2819 N. Miller Street
Pensacola, Florida

Group of Youth celebrating - vector image
This program provided a fun and informative day to all attendees. Teens looked forward to being empowered and making the most of their Summer break as they prepared for the new school year.  Building on skills such as self esteem, conflict resolution, personal accountability, financial management, civic responsibility were discussed. Creative Expressions include music, art dance and the written word will be explored. Lunch, all supplies, and gift bags were provided.

Our theme – “Closing One Chapter to Open Many More”.
Featured speakers included:

  • Jake Wood, Mentor and Former baseball player
  • Evelyn Forbes, Exe Dir, Club STR8 Up & founder of The  Extra Mile, Inc.
  • Calvin Dixon, Business Owner, Musician, and Artist
  • Shay Foster, Business Consultant
  • Williemae Dixon, Youth Empowerment Coach.

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“As in everything that we do, this will be a faith walk for I know that God will not bring me to a thing and not see me through it.”

Teen Leadership Development Program
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