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Cracked Antique Background with Small Compromises~Devasating Defeats


We all know the quote, “ when you know better you do better.” But, the reality is that we don’t always follow that advice.

We are often tempted to stray off the mark on our jobs, in our marriages and other relationships, with our children, even our parents for various reasons, all of which at the time seems right; and by the time we realize that a mistake has been made so much has transpired that could have been avoided. If we’re lucky we quickly recognize our mistake or misjudgement and make the necessary corrections or on the other hand we will compromise saying that things are not so bad or ‘it could be worse’ or that no one is being affected by this but me, know that there is always someone else other than you who will reap the good or bad of your deeds for, we all are connected to each other.

So, what can we do when our small compromises – misjudgements begin to destroy our integrity and before it becomes a devastating defeat? We can recognize the situations for what they are and take steps to bring them to an end. This process for some may be easier said than done and that’s when we call in an Advocate, One (God) who can and will “make a way of escape” for us and will do it without judgement.

Having just celebrated the Resurrection of Christ, the gift of atonement is fresh on my mind – that we can acknowledge our faults, confess and be forgiven is the ultimate gift.

Small Compromises Can Lead to Devastating Defeats
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