Teen Challenge 2019

Our 2019 Teen CHALLENGE  winner stepped out of his comfort zone and shows his gifts and talents.



Jace Mack and Mae Dixon

"Who am I"

I'm African American male that goes by the name of Jace Mack. I'm in the 11th grade and am in the Engineering program at Eastlake High School. I attend a local church with my family and I'm a Boy Scout through my church, which is Mt. Olive A.M.E. church under the Pastor James V. Williams. My goal for the next three years is to first graduate next year with an Engineering Certification. Second, I'm planning on going to college and focus my studies on Biomedical Engineering. During my time in college, I hope to gain more experience by getting an internship in my field. Throughout my years in the engineering program I have learned about the mechanics of engineering as well as how it might benefit individuals and society in different aspects technically, socially, financially and more. I've even learned about algorithms and how to program certain machines using a specific programming language. Hopefully with this basic understanding of engineering, it will land me an opportunity to further education and my love ofor engineering. Though I am currently not in any engineering clubs, I do plan to locate and join applicable groups in my field, this will lead me to a related job or internship.

Over the last 4 years, I've volunteered with the City of Safety Harbor Teen Leaders program. This program gives teens an opportunity to learn about leadership, provides job experience and teaches young adults how to become role models. Because of the camps I've worked at and my role as a camp assistant, working with staff, overseeing group games, helping youth work through their activities, I've developed very good social skills. My interaction with the youth and adults have provided a vast amount of experience in working to complete tasks individually and as a team.

As a result of working with some of the adults, I've come to meet a few who have and continue to inspire me. Among those are Coach Tim who, as a fitness coach, motivates me to get in shape and attain my goal of joining an MMA Club. Also, my Scout Troop leader, Mr. Jack Packer, exhibits and teaches a number of life skills that will stick with me forever. And finally, Mr. Robert Hempel, a Recreational Leader with the City of Safety Harbor who has shown me how a adult employee should work and handle responsibility for oneself and others.

Having grown into the person I am today, I can certainly say I have learned and continue to learn a number of skills that will push and challenge me in life; and in some way they are all applicable to my continued growth towards becoming a responsible member of our society.

Thank you for consideration.