Gentlemen Empowering Young Men flyer

Gentlemen Empowers Young Men Meeting (GEYM) is a group of concerned moms, men of integrity, community leaders and organizations, who seek to provide guidance and empowerment to black and brown teens and young adult males as mentors by improving their academic achievement, self-esteem, social competence, and avoidance of problem/high-risk behavior.

The Gentlemen Empowers Young Men mission is to improve academic achievement, self-esteem, social competence, and avoidance of problem/high-risk behavior by providing a Godly relationship with a committed adult male who works to help youth achieve their potential.

Plan of Action

Various activities to connect youth and mentors

Youth enroll in mentor program, with parental consent when under age 18

Youth participate in mentor program one hour weekly minimum


  • Improved academic achievement
  • Continued educational advancement
  • Established employment/career
  • Reduced absences
  • Improved self-esteem and decreased alienation
  • Decreased substance abuse, arrests, gang involvement, and improved relationships
  • Improved their test performance/overall GPA, b) graduate from school
  • Enrolled in college the first year after high school graduation
  • Establish themselves in employment/ career
  • Improved emotional well being
  • Improved social behavior

Assistance Needed

Gentlemen Empowers Young Men need Men of Integrity. If you give one (1) hour a week to help a young male and/or know other men who can please reach out to us at or simply reply to this email at

One of the statements we’ve received and would like to address is, “My past was a bit rocky, I didn’t always make the right decisions, or I have a criminal background but am now on track and am living responsibly.”

Our response is that none of us are perfect. We are trying to live a Godly life, putting our pasts behind us and reaching toward the mark of the high calling, which calls us to be our brother’s keeper which in this case would be a little brother. These young men need someone who looks like them, if possible to help them to reach their potential; to carry the forward legacy, and be the leaders we need.