sunset AWWI November 2019


An Attitude of Gratitude will lead you to a Place of Peace



I am happy to greet you today and to wish you Happy November! This year has flown by it seems, but not without its challenges. there has also been many triumphs that we can give praise for.
    I would like to challenge you to consider as we enter into this season of Reflection and Thanksgiving, to really think about your life as it relates to say, 10 years ago. What has changed and how so? I know that for me, much has changed and mostly for the good , and yet there is still room for improvement.
    Please take a few moments to read the Newsletter (attached) that is filled with timely and inspiring information and share with others. We welcome your submissions, comments and support as we endeavor to "restore lives and rebuild families".

Peace & Blessings,


Williemae Dixon, Director
A Will & Way, Inc.