About this Event-


Our goal is to raise funds to help us secure at least one hundred (100) male mentors for teen and young adult males in cities nationwide.

Between an increase in suicides and killings amongst each other, too many youngྭ male lives are being lost and families negatively impacted. Single moms are bearing the burden of trying to care for and keep their children safe. These teens and young men were created by two parents. Coupled with the fact that most live in substandard conditions, the absence of the male role model further complicates the likelihood that they can survive and live up to their maximum capacity and become contributing members of society.

We are asking for your support in raising $7,500.00. These funds will be used to help us reach more volunteers to mentor in communities nationwide; pay for criminal background checks, lease space for group mentor events, liability insurance, social media subscriptions, travel, equipment & supplies, special/emergency needs of mentees, etc.

A Will & Way, Inc. (AWWI), founded in 2002, has served communities across the country to empower survivors of Domestic Violence, which includes mental, emotional, physical, religious, sexual, and financial (money, food insecurity, and homelessness) abuse. AWWI is an organization run primarily by volunteers saving over a half-million dollars annually in salaries and admin costs. It operates in the trenches of marginalized communities by providing mentorship, leadership development, and a decrease in recidivism of incarcerated survivors.

You can help make a difference in so many lives. Would you please contribute today?

All AWWI services (including this event) are temporarily suspended until further notice.