Women Telling Our Story December 2020

There will be women who’ve visited the Well of hope and possibilities who tell their stories and help you to speak your truths with power.

About this Event- Women Telling Our Story

Mark the Date, Dec. 27th on Zoom at 4:00 pm EDT. Meet us at The Well…

This Well which replenishes the thirsty soul, It restores broken and grieving hearts, turns tears into laughter… pain into joy.

Not everyone is ready to tell their story, and that’s ok. There are some, however, who need to in order to begin the healing process. If this is you reach out to me now.

In the midst of our Gathering, there will be women who’ve visited the Well and are prepared to tell their stories and to help you to speak your truths about the hand you’ve been dealt and wisdom to overcome.

If you’ve ever attended one of our Gatherings then you know what to expect……

If this will be your first time, rest assured that you will never be the same. So, make your Calls, Save the Date, Choose your spot (home, church, couch, bed, chair), Plan your favorite Tea or preferred beverage and snacks or meal for Sunday, December 27th, 4:00 pm. EDT

Women Telling Our Story is one of the many programs that A Will & Way, Inc. hosts annually to help empower survivors of domestic violence and women who just need the sisterhood effect.

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